About Us

As recently as last year, popular chip timing features like digital real-time results and instant text messaging of runner’s finish times were only available at huge marathons.  Now, SpectaSport is bringing 21st century chip timing with those extremely popular high-tech features to charity fund-raising 5K’s, 10K’s and distance runs like yours -- and we’re doing it in a way that, for most races, is more cost effective than any other timing system (even pull-tags!). Maybe that’s why races we time routinely report nearly 100% increase in entries from year to year.  SpectaSport is the race timing and chip timing company when it comes to community and charity runs.


Runners love our disposable Jaguar timing chips that simply stick to their bib numbers without the unpopular hassle of threading old-fashioned chips into their shoelaces.  They love being part of a race with a big-time feel and a large, overhead theatrical finish line truss that screams “big event!” instead of some orange cones that look like a highway construction zone.  And they love real-time results on large-screen scrolling monitors and text messages with their finish time sent to their cell phones, features they often can’t get even at those big, expensive races.


Race Directors love us too.  They love our simple, affordable “Cash Flow” chip timing pricing.  They love our fast, accurate results; our pleasant, professional demeanor and our willingness to go the extra mile to help their races make more money.   And they love that they get the credit for all the super-cool features that their runners love.  Why have an ordinary race when you can have an extraordinary race that makes more money for your charity with less effort?  If you’re ready to raise the profile of your race, then you’ve come to the right place for race timing and chip timing.  Give us a call at 610-397-1950, (or email us at info@SpectaSport.com) and let us show you race timing you will love.

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